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Websites for Everyone

Websites can be a big deal when customers are looking for an online presence. Today, more people use the web to find information about travel, food, entertainment, services, and more. Take advantage of the web with your own custom website and show off your business or service. Let me help you expand to the web with a custom website that you’ll be proud to show your customers.

Worried about reaching mobile devices? No problem. I know responsive design that will make your website look great on any device.

Print Materials

From logos to full advertisement campaigns, print graphics can make you look professional and sharp. Let me provide you with a unique solution to your graphic design needs. Large design firms can struggle to form healthy relationships with their clients; with me you’ll always get a one-on-one conversation. Talking with you is my way of doing research.

If you have a project you’d like to get off the ground, hire me. I’ll take your idea as seriously as you do.

Custom Styling and Animation

All the bells and whistles on this page for instance. The sliding up and down, the image viewer, and the contact form; these are all examples of Javascript and CSS3. These types of code can transform a regular user experience into a great user experience and leave your viewers asking, “how did they do that?” Subtle or extravagant, animations can make a user feel more welcomed and can leave a lasting impression.

Don’t know any code? That’s okay. Let me know your ideas of what you would like. We can work together to match your needs with the available technologies.

Custom E-mail Addresses

Websites come with custom e-mail addresses. By branding yourself with custom e-mail, you will give you a professional image. Free generic e-mail services can damage your image by forcing you to carry their service name as your own. Replace that with

As a part of the hosting package, you are entitled to as many individual email addresses using your domain as you wish. Want to keep it to yourself? No problem. But, if you have employees you want to keep in the loop, custom e-mail will keep everything uniform.


To send a question, comment, or concern, please contact me via

cameron bruhns portrait

Nice to meet you. I'm Cam.

I draw lines. Sometimes those lines touch, other times not.

I’m from Saratoga Springs. There are a lot of lines in Saratoga, I’m not sure if that influences my work.

I try to be unpredictable. A lot of people try to be unpredictable. I have my doubts about how successful we are.

I have three brothers.

I drive a blue Subaru and my middle name is John, both get the job done but I wish they were cooler.

A History.

Coming Soon!